Sunday, August 28, 2011

Its going to rain!!

My mom use to say that if you did something you haven’t done in a long time, or accomplished something that no one thought you could do then it would rain. Well mom, two things will bring rain very soon. One is the changing of the seasons, and the other, well I’m back to writing my blog! It’s been a whole year since I’ve written anything in my blog and boy what a year it’s been. Where should I start? Hmm, I know how about me losing 90 lbs.!! that’s right! Since the day I turned 40 and wrote the blog about how I needed to make changes in my life, the first change was my weight. I began by run/walking around 2 miles, once I could run the 2 miles non-stop, then I went on to 4 miles, until now, I now can run 8 miles no problem! And even though I’ve gained a few pounds back, I now know what I have to do to lose that weight, RUN! And that’s just what I’ll do.

I was 320lbs. and now I weigh 235lbs. I will never let myself get that heavy again. I still can’t believe the things I can do now, like tying my shoes without losing my breath, not sweating as much just standing around on a hot day, and need I say anything about using the restroom?!?? Well let’s just say that there are no more problems there either. I still wear my old belt (size 50) I have made 3 holes in it since, and even though it look hilarious on me half way around my waist, I will wear it until I no longer can. It helps remind me of how much weight I’ve lost and keeps me honest with myself. We all know how easy it is to gain weigh back, and when I have to move that belt one notch over it motivates me to get that notch back.

Another thing about losing all that weigh is that I still need new clothes. None of my pants fit, and my shirts look too big for me. It’s like I’m waiting for my clothes to shrink up so that they fit or something. I need to buy new clothes, but one thing keeps holding me back, a challenge that I gave myself when I started this weight loss venture. I said when I lost 100lbs. I would buy new clothes. So, I’ve lost 90 almost 3 months ago! Why can’t I get that last 10 pounds!! Not sure why but I will definitely keep to my word and lose that 100 pounds before I buy new clothes. And so baggy pants and oversized shirts it is for now, maybe I’ll start a new fad? Nah, who would dress like that and think it looks good?

As far as my other changes in my life this past year, well you will have to wait till my next blog. Which I promise will not take a year. There is way too much to talk about! Oh and mom…look out because it’s not just going to rain, it’s going to storm!!

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